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HRAC is dedicated to the return of the Huron name and an acceptable logo to Eastern Michigan University and has the support of Chief Leaford Bearskin of the Wyandotte Tribe of Oklahoma and former Grand Chief Max Gros-Louis of the Huron-Wendat Tribe of Quebec. 

Our Current Executive Board
  • President - Maynard Harris - '53 (BS), '59 (MA)
  • Vice President - Brett Boury - '94 (BS)
  • Treasurer - Ronald Saunders - '63 (BPE), '68 (MPE), '86 (PhD)
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  1. To operate exclusively for the benefit of, to perform one or more of the functions of, and to carry-out one or more of the purposes of the EMU Huron Restoration, Alumni Chapter.
  2. To advance and promote the long-term well being of Eastern Michigan University.
  3. To encourage association, friendship and fraternity among and between members and all segments of Eastern Michigan University.
  4. To conduct, establish, develop and/or sponsor programs and activities, which further the aspirations of an overwhelming majority of Eastern Michigan alumni, students, faculty and friends, and including the Huron-Wyandotte Tribes of Oklahoma and Quebec to:
    1. Restore the name "Huron" to Eastern Michigan University; and
    2. Maintain and manage a scholarship to fund financial aid to Native American students; and
    3. Establish a Huron Heritage Center on campus, which preserves at Eastern Michigan University the proud traditions and history of the Huron-Wendat Nation.
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EMU Huron Restoration Alumni Chapter is a service organization on campus and in the community.
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Maynard H. Harris, President
EMU Huron Restoration Alumni Chapter
59 South Crestview Drive
Adrian, MI 49221-9311


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Be sure to check out Jack Minzey's article on "The Saga of the Eastern Michigan University Huron's"

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From Lansing came the word, which the regents timidly backed,
that Eastern Michigan University - their old nickname be sacked.

In their wise and wondrous ways, the Regents have now declared,
that the Indian name of Hurons, shall never more be shared.

Will we now have to change Lake Huron or Huron River,
all because a commission in Lansing, did an ultimatum deliver?

Surely knowledge and wisdom did abound, within their conference room,
that the new name of Eagles will now give Eastern a great boom.

The Board of Regents - with their thumb-word creeds,
their large professions and their little deeds - 
have finally decided E.M.U.'s new nickname.
But to many Alumni and grads, support will never be the same.

President Shelton, lately on the scene, did state his position sincerely.
But did the Alumni and students have a chance, to state their own position clearly?

Why then should this change even take place?
Has prejudice again reared its ugly head?
Is this really about a certain race?
Or has politics replaced common sense instead?

According to a collegiate dictionary, Huron's name is a proper noun,
not an adjective, nor a verb.  Not a description that causes a frown,

Now can we all feel proud and happy, that "progress" has taken place?
But don't ever sit back and wonder, if this is really about a race.

In closing let me say, a time like this demands,
strong minds, great hearts, true faith, and ready hands.

Where have such people gone?  Where are they now today?
Who can say what would have happened, had they been here to say:
Hurons!  Hurons!  Hats off to thee.
Fight!  Fight!  Fight!  On to victory.

Authored 1991 Maynard H. Harris
  1953, 1959

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Marne Smiley was again honored with a $500 scholarship for Fall 2004 as well as a $1,000 scholarship for Winter 2005 to carry her through to her graduation as well!

She is pursuing a journalism major and business minor. Marne is a 4th year Eastern Echo writer. She covers club sports and critiques restaurants and movies.

Maynard Harris & Marne Smiley

Volunteer work includes "The Best Buddies" program that helps mentally handicapped college students adapt to college surroundings.

She also coaches Cross Country & Track at Ypsilanti High School - home of the Ypsilanti Braves!

Maynard Harris, B. Science '53, M. Arts '59, HRAC President, was notably honored at the 2003 homecoming festivities. A 50th Golden Year Celebration acknowledged Maynard and fellow recipients.

Memorable to all Huron Alumni is this historical fact. The Huron name has been with EMU for "62" respectful years. Chief Bearskin once wrote to the EMU Regents stating that he "envisoned the Huron name proudly displayed above every classroom and dormatory door on the campus".

1st - Michigan State Normal College
2nd - Eastern Michigan College
3rd - Eastern Michigan University.

To Your Name We Shall Be True!

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